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Coffee without the caffeine

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All the coffee fun, zero side effects.

Nuanced flavours delight non-coffee drinkers in our decaf coffee beans. Swiss and Mountain Water processed for pure flavour.

  • Decaf Swiss Water Process
    Decaf Swiss Water Process - Danes Specialty Coffee

    Decaf is a full flavoured experience made with a Swiss Water Process©.

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Coffee, but not

When you get that coffee feeling but you can’t have caffeine, our decaf beans are your saviour. Aromatic and sensual, they give you that lovely coffee experience without the caffeine.

Swiss and Mountain Water processing gently strip away the caffeine inviting exceptional flavours to stride into the spotlight.

Each sip reveals Latin American origins shining with chocolate and caramel. Sweet with a touch of spices as a black. Malt and honey sweetness with milk. However you brew, these decaf coffee beans are reliably delicious.

Sourced and roasted to perfection for 30+ years in our Sydney roastery, our decaf coffee beans won’t let you down in taste, aroma, body or experience.

Low on caffeine. Big on flavour.

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