Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond - Danes Specialty Coffee

Christmas Single Origin

Prized like a gem by coffee roasters around the world, Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond is an esteemed single origin. 
Our roasters were whooping with delight when we got our hands on this high specialty coffee. 
What's so special about Las Lajas Black Diamond? 
⭐️ A small number of bags were imported into Australia this year
⭐️ You'll be lucky to find anywhere else  
⭐️ It tastes like Mum's Christmas fruit platter  
Pop open the bag to a purple grape and pineapple aroma. Honeydew notes tingle on your tongue followed by a lime mandarin tango. Plum draws deep and juicy while raspberry and Shiraz power to the finish. 
From Beneficio Las Lajas in Costa Rica, it's a natural process origin that adds a delicious caffeine kick to your Christmas. 

Aroma: Grape, Pineapple, Cinnamon

Flavour: Honeydew, Mandarin, Lime

Finish: Raspberry, Plum, Shiraz

Region: Central Valley

Process: Honey

Variety: Caturra & Catuai

Altitude: 1300-1600 MASL


Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond

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We rate each bean and blend for specific characteristics from 1-10.

Aroma - How powerful is the aroma?
Flavour - Does the flavour hit immediately, or is it more subtle?
Body - Is it thinner or a fuller texture?
Sweetness - How would you rate it on a scale of slightly bitter to very sweet?
Finish - How long does the flavour linger?

Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond flavour pentagon

Barista Info

Espresso Filter
Dose (In) 21.0g
Weight (Out) 45g
Time 25 sec
Temperature 94 °C
Pressure 9 Bar
Ratio 1:16
Dose (In) 15g
Water 240ml
Time 2 min 20 sec
Temperature 94 °C

All recipes are designed on commercial equipment. You might find that the recipes can differ on home equipment as it may be designed slightly differently but your brew can still be just as tasty! Have a play with doses and extraction times and yields to find a profile that “Defines your Flavour”.

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