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Jenny, Siroo Cafes

When choosing our bean supplier, we wanted quality, flavour and passion - Danes delivered on all three.
We love Paul and his team’s passion for coffee and how they view their customers with the focus
on building strong relationships and strategies to help us grow our business.
Our cafés are better with Danes thanks to the quality of the beans, constant support to ensure
we are using the beans to their full potential and the regular schedule of check-ups and training with our cafe teams.

Simon, Eggshell Café, Sydney

We chose Danes because of the quality of their coffee;
they won the Champion Australian Roaster at the Australian International Coffees Awards - twice.
The team is very supportive and knowledgeable.
With training and equipment, they make sure the quality of each cup is consistent.
Danes checks in and asks whether we need any support and they provide regular equipment service.
This is important because if the machine is not working properly,
the coffee doesn't taste the same and we may lose customers.
Danes make us stand out from the local competitive market.

Kim, Waves Café, Avoca Beach

Choosing our coffee roaster came down to taste, quality and customer preference.
Danes’ beans are always consistent quality, enabling us to always deliver the perfect coffee.
They give the best of service and are quick to respond when we need help.
If you are thinking of opening a cafe or restaurant and are unsure
of who to choose as your coffee bean provider, you can’t go past Danes!

May, Soul Deli

We partner with Danes because of their friendly service, great training and a
coffee blend taste that makes guests return to our café.
We recommend Danes to other cafes looking for a coffee roasting partner
as the continual support we get ensures our coffee quality never declines.

Coffee Making
Danes Staff
Patrick Blacker 2021
Danes Owner

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