Free coffee for a year

What would you do for a year?

Danes Specialty Coffee Drive-in, proudly, is launching a new coffee sensation and you can’t miss this opportunity – FREE COFFEE FOR A YEAR!

We’ll draw 3 prizes:

  • 1st prize: FREE COFFEE FOR A YEAR (1 coffee/day)
  • 2nd prize: FREE COFFEE FOR 6 MONTHS (1 coffee/day)
  • 3rd prize: FREE COFFEE FOR 3 MONTHS (1 coffee/day)

Ordering on Danes App you’ll get entries for every single coffee purchase: beverage, coffee beans for home or coffee beans subscription.

All what you need is:

  • Download the Danes App
  • Quickly setup your details
  • Order daily your coffee on App
  • Pick up @ Danes Coffee Drive-in

Campaign Period

  • From 15th February 2021 to 30th April 2021.
  • Only and exclusive for the Danes Coffee Drive-in (28 Dale Street – Brookvale).

 How does it work?

  • 1 coffee purchase = 1 entry
  • 1 coffee beans purchase = 5 entries + free roastery tour (with the Danes founder)
  • 1 year coffee beans subscription purchase = 5 entries + FREE coffee master course
@ DANES DRIVE-IN SOCIAL MEDIA (Instagram / Facebook)

    Share this content to 5 friends = 5 entries (only once)


    Follow @danesdrivein on Instagram or Facebook and stay tuned!


    • Free coffee for a year:
      • 1 coffee per day
      • It’s not transferable
    • Roastery tour:
      • Visit us @ Danes Coffee Drive-in to schedule your tour
      • It can be transferable
    • Master coffee course:
      • Visit us @ Danes Coffee Drive-in to schedule your tour
      • It can be transferable

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